Tattoo Meaning Family

Coat of arms

Show your passion for your loved ones or your ancestry with a tattoo meaning family. Whether it's a symbol, coat of arms or a name tattoo, family tats are a great way to show pride in your heritage.

Why get a Tattoo for Family

With the large assortment of types and styles of tattoos available, choosing one that means "family" can be a very personal option. You may choose to honor your family history, a family member or immediate family for a number of reasons.


A tattoo meaning family can be a great way to show pride in your ancestry. Do you have a family story you love to share? Does your family have a colorful past, or something to take pride in? Ancestry tattoos can be one way to show your family colors with pride.

Mom Tattoos

One of the hottest trends today is the mommy tattoo. Once a woman has finished having children, it is not uncommon for her to get a tattoo commemorating this experience and showing love of her family. These types of family tattoos frequently have various components symbolizing the family's journey, or each individual within the family.

Memory Tattoos

Has someone in your family passed away? A family tattoo can be a specific way to remember them by including their name in a tattoo with other family emblems. This can be an artistic and lasting way to keep them close.


You don't have to have a colorful family history to take pride in your family and heritage. If you take pride in being a member of your family, show it off with a family tattoo.

Types of Tattoos Meaning Family

If you've chosen to get a family tattoo, you have a number of options to choose from in style and design.


With Japanese characters, Celtic runes or even Sanskrit; there are a number of different languages which have a single character for family. This simple tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, alone or with other symbols as a quiet way of showing family pride.

Coat of Arms

Does your family history include a coat of arms? If so, consider converting it to a line drawing for tattooing. Include your family name, symbols of other items you are passionate about, or the names of various family members you would like to honor.

Name Tattoo

Name tattoos made of script or intricate lettering can be a great way of depicting a family tattoo. Your family's name, place of origin or another word that brings them to mind for you can all be used to depict family relation and pride. Consider using a name tattoo alone, or with another image for a custom family design.


Does your family have a shared passion such as music or literature? Consider using a symbol of this passion in a tattoo design to symbolize family. A family tattoo is most definitely for the wearer; use whatever calls to mind your loved ones most clearly.

Family Tattoo Placement

Your ultimate placement of a family tattoo will be dictated by the size and style of the design. It is not uncommon, however, to want to show off your family heritage and pride by placing a family tattoo in a visible area. Arms, wrists, hands, ankles and shoulders are all popular areas for depicting a family pride tattoo.

A tattoo meaning family can help you call to mind loved ones far away, give you strength to follow in your ancestor's footsteps or just carry your loved ones with you wherever you go. Consider getting a family tattoo and take additional pride in your heritage.

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Tattoo Meaning Family