Inner Wrist Tattoos

Inner wrist tattoo

Inner wrist tattoos may be the most socially acceptable "below-the-elbow" tattoos. The inside of your wrist is an area on display, but not often noticed. This makes it the ideal spot for a tattoo you want to show off without being ostentatious. Once you have decided to place a tattoo on the inside of your wrist, consider what designs look good there or lend themselves to that location. There are a wide variety of tattoos people choose to get on their inner wrist, though some are more popular than others.

Inner Wrist Design Ideas

While there are nearly endless designs that look good on an inner-wrist tattoo, some designs are more common for the area. The biggest concern when tattooing the inner wrist is size, as this is a smaller area of the body. Remember that any of these designs can be used as the basis of your tattoo, then modified and expanded upon as you see fit.


Words are popular tattoos for this area because of how easily adaptable they are. Depending on the size of the writing, nearly any word or phrase can be put on the inner wrist. Consider names of children, parents and other loved ones, or try out words of inspiration, song lyrics, lines from poems and passages from your favorite novel.


Whether you're interested in plain black stars, colorful stars, nautical stars or anything else, the inner wrist makes an ideal place. Get stars with any number of points over three such as five-pointed nautical stars or more exotic stars with six points. Try putting a design within a star to get two tattoos at once.

Religious Symbols

Inner Wrist Coptic Cross Tattoo

Nearly any kind of religious symbol can be done on the inner wrist. From the familiar symbols of cross, crescent and Star of David to more exotic fare such as triskelions and unicursal hexagrams, if you want a place to profess your faith on your skin, the inner wrist is an ideal spot.

Musical Notation

If music is your thing, express it on your wrist. Treble clefs and bass clefs are popular symbols for the inner wrist, but generic musical notes work well, too. Choose a particular chord or progression of notes that has special meaning for you to personalize the tat.

Lucky Symbols

Whether your lucky charm is a four-leaf clover, a crown or a horseshoe, fit it on the inside of your wrist. With a symbol of luck on your tattoo you can give yourself that extra edge no matter where you go.


Whether it's roses, lotuses, hibiscus or tulips, your favorite flower is perfect for tattooing on the inside of your wrist. A flower tattooed on your inner wrist gives you a little bit of beauty that you can take with you no matter where you go.

More Exotic Designs

If you can scale it to fit on your wrist, get it tattooed there. Some other, less common designs include eyeballs, tribal designs, Day of the Dead sugar skulls and butterflies.

Getting Your Tattoo

Consider carefully what to get tattooed on your inner wrist before you make an appointment with a tattoo artist. Not only will this tattoo be with you for the rest of your life, it is also in highly visible real estate. If you have a vague idea of what kind of tattoo you want, work with your artist to come up with a design that is more specific and original. Remember that the artist is there to help you and can always make changes based on your feedback or suggestions.

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Inner Wrist Tattoos