Tattoo Ring Designs


If you like the idea of permanent jewelry, consider getting some tattoo ring designs on your fingers or toes. A tattooed ring is hard to misplace and never goes out of style.

Types of Tattoo Rings

Tattoos have been used as body modification and appearance enhancement across cultures for centuries. In many cultures, tattoos were considered a way to improve your appearance and many did not consider themselves "dressed" without them.

Likewise, jewelry is considered by many people to be an appearance enhancement, or a way to show off your personal style. Combining the two into one statement, such as tattoo ring designs, is a natural progression for many.

Like all tattoos and jewelry, there are many different variations and types to choose from. For a ring tattoo, some of these variations include:

Creating Tattoo Ring Designs

No matter the reason behind why you wish to get a tattoo ring, there are countless ways to design your finished product and get the look you desire.

Classic Ring Images

Many classic ring designs are easily adaptable into tattoo rings. These include knotwork, cladhagh rings, scroll designs and other simple loops.


If you are creating a memorial tattoo for someone, and wish to display it prominently in a ring finger tattoo, consider stylizing the letters of the person's name. Use a large initial on the top of the finger with a simple band, scroll or vine looping around the rest of the finger, or use a double band with the letters of the name stretched and spaced evenly inside.

Marking Time

Circular tattoos, such as ring tattoos can be used to mark the passage of time. Add a loop for each length of time passed, whether this is years spent sober or years involved in a relationship. Keep each loop as thin as possible to be able to add to the tattoo as time goes by.

Flower Rings

If you want the ring tattoo for purely decorative purposes, consider a flower ring tattoo design. One large bloom on the top of the finger can be connected with a stem or vine or your choice. This dramatic and eye-catching tattoo is sure to get lots of lingering glances.

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac symbols are perfect for using as the top portion of a ring finger tattoo. Simply center the symbol on top of the finger and use any type of tattooed band to connect it in place.

Vine or Thorns

For a more subtle decorative tattoo, consider using a thin vine or circle of thorns. Add tiny flowers to the design for intricate detail.

Repeating Pattern

Any image you love can be shrunk down and repeated around the finger for a unique design. Multi-colored butterflies, your initials, small flowers or even Mexican sugar skulls can all circle your finger for a personal tattoo.


Want to spell something out for your eyes only? Consider using small runes of an ancient alphabet to create your own personal message. Space them evenly insider a dual band to complete the image of a ring.

Tattoo Ring Considerations

Tattoo rings are highly visible and difficult to hide and remove. Take the time to create a tattoo ring design that is meaningful to you no matter what else goes on in your life. Refrain from using images or names that might not have the same significance to you as the years go by, because one place you'll have a hard time avoiding the sight of, is your hands.

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Tattoo Ring Designs