Tattooed Women

Kat Von D
Kat Von D

The world of the heavily tattooed is not completely male. There are many tattooed women with top quality ink covering large percentages of their body. If you are a heavily tattooed woman or a woman considering getting more tattoos and looking for some inspiration, you won't have to look very far. In the new millennium, taboos and stigmas related to tattooing are quickly falling by the wayside - as are taboos and stigmas specifically attached to tattooed women.

Famous Tattooed Women

There are a number of women who are famous and heavily tattooed. These women work in many walks of life.

Kat Von D

The star of her own reality television show, Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist born in Mexico and currently working in Hollywood, California. In addition to tattoos in more "traditional" places such as her arms and legs, Ms. Von D also has tattoos on her hands, neck and face. Her facial tattoos are particularly lady like, countering the idea that a facial tattoo detracts from feminine beauty.

Brody Dalle

While not quite as covered as Kat Von D, Brody Dale, lead singer of The Distillers and Spinnerette, has a number of tattoos on her body. Married to Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme, Brody has also appeared on records by The Transplants, Leftover Crack and The Eagles of Death Metal.

Angelina Jolie

Many people are surprised to find out that film superstar Angelina Jolie has a number of tattoos. Her tattoos have presented challenges for directors who wish to portray her on screen with little clothing to cover up her tattoos. She has 13 confirmed tattoos, including passages from Tennessee Williams, Latin proverbs and Arabic words.

Diablo Cody

Hollywood screenwriter Diablo Cody has a variety of tattoos, including a large pin-up girl on her shoulder and smaller tattoos elsewhere on her body. Ms. Cody's ink has not prevented her from having a successful career, with credits such as Juno and The United States of Tara.

Tairrie B

Tairrie B was first known as the lead singer of Tura Satana, later forming the more famous My Ruin. Curiously, Tairrie got her start in the music world under the tutelage of N.W.A. member Eazy-E, being signed to his Ruthless Records imprint Comptown Records.

Maisumi Max

Maisumi Max is a heavily tattooed fetish and tattoo and model who has a very large tattoo on her back. In addition to being a model, Max has appeared in film's, such as David Lynch's Inland Empire.

Drew Barrymore

Coming from a long line of Hollywood royalty, Drew Barrymore first made waves in the early 1980s with her role in E.T. Since then, she has starred in countless big-budget Hollywood features. Barrymore has a number of tattoos on her body, most of them small and well concealed.

Being a Tattooed Woman

No matter how much times change, there are going to be people who judge tattooed women. However, this voice becomes increasingly quieter as the years roll on, in no small part due to the number of powerful women in many walks of life with tattoos. Whether you choose to get something small, simple and discrete or something large, complex and always on display, don't worry too much about what others think of your tattoos. Any time that someone looks disapprovingly on your tattoos, or considers them to be unladylike, just think of all the smart and beautiful women walking around on the face of the earth literally covered in tattoos. You are in good company.

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Tattooed Women