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Feminine Style


Tattoos may have gained popularity amongst sailors and other masculine endeavors before crossing the line to feminine, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of feminine tattoos to choose from. Bold, delicate, colorful or plain, there is a tattoo out there that emphasizes your feminine style.

Small and Delicate


One way of feminizing or further feminizing a design is to make it small and delicate. While flowers are a timeless option for feminine beauty, and large or oversized flowers have a bold and sexy appeal, shrinking them down to miniature size further emphasizes their girlish nature.



Butterflies have long been viewed as one of the most feminine tattoo designs. They can be located anywhere on the body and created in a wide range of styles and colors. Embrace this image and its beauty by enlarging the butterfly to new proportions. Include delicate and intricate details on the wings to further the design and capture its beauty.



Mermaids are seen as the exotic, alluring and often just out of reach epitome of female beauty. Place one anywhere on your body, alone or in an ocean scene to capture her mystique for yourself.

Interlocked Hearts


Heart tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Create a more feminine design by staying to delicate line drawings with plenty of open space. Interlock and embellish two hearts to show your love and connection to another.

Angel Wings


Angel wings convey innocence, beauty and a sweet, angelic nature. Create large wings sprouting from your shoulder blades for a realistic look, or add small wings to another design to enhance it with delicate beauty and power.

Angel Tattoo


If angel wings are too symbolic, but you love what they convey, consider using the image of an angel as a tattoo. Place one on your shoulder in reference to a guardian angel, or have one hovering over a tattoo symbolizing something or someone you love. Use graceful lines and a delicate style to convey the feminine touch.

Fairy Tattoos


Fairies are one of the most feminine of the exotic and mythical creatures. These tiny sprites make excellent body art either alone or in a larger scene. Bring them to life with plenty of color and subtle detail. Their facial expressions can be a reflection of your inner thoughts.

Many tattoos can also become feminine in style, placement or by tge ibe who wears them. See these tattooed ladies for more inspiration.

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Feminine Tattoo Photo Gallery