Tattoo Art Sparrows

Tattoo Art Sparrows

Sparrow tattoos are common designs in many styles of tattooing, including traditional and new school. These beautiful birds can be depicted in a variety of ways depending on the image you wish them to convey. Look at a number of tattoo art sparrows before you settle on a final design to give yourself a good idea of what your options are for a sparrow tattoos. Since this will be on your body for the rest of your life, think carefully about your design before you get inked.

Traditional Sparrows

Sparrows have long been popular among those who like traditional tattoos. These are also known as "sailor" or "old school" tattoos. On the right person and with the proper set of other tattoos, a sparrow will provide a tough, grizzled look.

A More Feminine Look

A sparrow tattoo - even done in the traditional style - does not have to make you look like you've just gotten out of prison. A more feminine look can be designed by incorporating surrounding tattoos, placement and style of artwork.

Sparrows and Banners

Sparrows often carry banners when done in the traditional style. These can say anything, but are often used to memorialize loved ones who have passed away. Choose to do this, a banner that says something personally meaningful to you or choose to get a clever statement about the bird itself.

Other Styles of Sparrow Tattoo

While the sparrow is associated with traditional tattooing, it doesn't mean that you have to get something straight out of a Sailor Jerry flash book. You may prefer to get something more realistic and representative of what the bird actually looks like. For this design style, look in old books of clip art or books about nature.

Variation on Traditional Sparrows

Even if you like the more basic style of sparrow tattoo embodied by traditional tattooing, you don't need to get a straight-up traditional tattoo. One way to keep the simplicity of the design without getting an old school sparrow is to get a blackwork tattoo done in the shape of a traditional tattoo.

More Colorful Options

Choose to keep the outline but forgo the standard details of a traditional sparrow tattoo for another option. The basic outline can be made even simpler with a color scheme that one would not generally find in a traditional sparrow tattoo.


Placement is also an important component of your sparrow tattoo. While some people choose to get this distinctive tattoo on highly visible areas like the hand or neck, consider also placing it somewhere a bit more discrete. Options include the chest, lower back or upper arm.

More Public Placement

Also consider getting your sparrow tattoos somewhere visible, but not socially unacceptable. The arms are a popular place for people to get tattoos of any kind and sparrows are no exception. This allows people to see your tattoo without placing it in an area that you can't easily cover up if need be.

Getting Your Sparrow Tattoo

No matter what style you choose to get or where you choose to get your sparrow placed you will be part of a long line of people who choose a tattoo with this distinctive bird. Remember that a sparrow tattoo can conform to just about any style, from punk to prep. Whether you get your tattoo on your neck or somewhere more discrete like your ankle, show off your beautiful new ink to everyone that you meet.

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Tattoo Art Sparrows