Best Brands of Temporary Tattoos

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Using temporary tattoos and body art can be a great way to express your individuality and have a bit of fun. While there are many brands of these products on the market, they are not all created the same. Some look more realistic than others and can last for a few days. As a member of LoveToKnow's writing team, I was provided with several free samples of temporary tattoos as well as body art to try out and review.

Types of Temporary Tattoos and Body Art

Tinsley Transfers

Tinsley Transfers

Tinsley Transfers is a retail line of temporary tattoos created by special effects and makeup designer, Christien Tinsley. This line of tattoos is inspired by the ones used on Hollywood sets such as American Horror Story. You can find a range of tattoos from ones that are gory and scary to those that are beautiful works of art. Tinsley Transfers has several collections of temporary tattoos to choose from such as Gorywood, Goth, Vintage and Tattoo FX. You can even find tattoos that look like wounds and trauma.

Review Results

I tried out a temporary butterfly design tattoo on my leg and everyone who saw it believed it was real. These tattoos feature vibrant colors, bold designs and realistic shading. Anyone who is interested in getting a permanent tattoo and is not sure of a design or location may like to experiment with one of the many Tinsley Transfers. At under $5 a pack, you have nothing to lose.

Another great thing about these tattoos is how long they last. I wore mine for five days without it peeling or coming off. They are designed to last long and do take effort to get off the skin. I removed mine with rubbing alcohol, which took a bit of time.

Game Faces

Game Faces temp tattoos

The Game Faces line of temporary tattoos is fun for people of all ages. From kids to adults, there are tattoos designed for any occasion. These tattoos are all done with vibrant colors and are created using silk screening which gives them plenty of detail. You can find a range of designs from holiday themed tattoos to sport oriented designs. Games Faces are priced around $3 a sheet. Discounts are available for bulk orders of 25 or more sheets.

From cute pumpkins to bold letters and even team mascots, there is something for everyone. These tattoos are an ideal way to show team spirit and can be used by cheerleaders, parents and sport fanatics. You can even get custom designs created for your school or sports team.

Review Results

My son and I tried out several Halloween-themed temporary tattoos. We used them on our face and had no problem or irritation. They were easy to apply and lasted for two days. They were somewhat difficult to remove but after a few swipes of rubbing alcohol, came off completely. I liked the variety of designs available and how they really stood out on our faces.

Another cool feature of Game Faces tattoos is that they are waterproof. No need to worry if you are out in the rain or in the shower. They will not run or wash off with water.

All tattoos come on small sheet of paper and have a thin cover sheet on top for protection. You will need to cut out the design you want before applying it. The latest Game Faces tattoos are ones that simply press-on. These designs are easy to use and only require you to peel them off the sheet and apply them to the skin. No water is needed.

Conscious Ink

Conscious Ink Tattoos

Conscious Ink features a line of temporary tattoos that consist of positive words, inspirational quotes and healing affirmations. Single Conscious Ink tattoos are priced around $2 and a starter kit is priced at $20. The starter kit contains 10 of the most popular quote and word tattoos as well as a sample of a greeting card with matching word tattoo on the inside to wear. There are many words and quotes to choose from including ones such as Truth, Follow Your Bliss, Love and Gratitude.

Review Results

I tried out several of these message tattoos with inspiring words such as Breathe and Expect Miracles. The words transferred clearly onto the skin and looked quite realistic. The ones I tried lasted three days. It was fun to be reminded of these messages each time I looked down at the tattoo.

I think these would make a great gift for someone special who needs to be reminded of what they mean to you. They are also great to wear anytime you need to feel empowered or inspired. Each of these tattoos are printed in a decorative yet simple style that is easy to read and pretty to look at.

Another cool feature of these temporary tattoos is that each is individually cut to size and has its own protective cover. When they arrive, they are ready to use. There is no need to cut them or fuss.

I found these tats to be easy-to-remove as well. All I used was some baby oil, and the tattoo was gone with very little effort.

Tattoo Application and Removal Tips

If you decide to try one or more of these tattoos yourself, be sure to apply and remove the artwork properly. Most temporary tattoos are transferred onto the skin by applying water to the backing of the tattoo. Depending on the temporary tattoo's recommended instructions, most require that you soak the backing for at least 20 seconds then carefully peel the paper off the tattoo and smooth the edges against the skin.

Placement Considerations

Try to place the tattoo on a place where it will not be easily disturbed by rubbing or coming in contact with your clothing. Excessive contact can damage temporary tats or cause them to come off. Something as simple as scratching the area may cause the image to peel or rub off.

Prep and Care

When applying the tattoo, be sure that your skin is free from oils, lotion and makeup. Temporary tattoos and body art adhere best to skin that is clean and dry. You can bathe as normal just take extra care not to scrub the tattoo area directly.

Removal Tips

When you want to remove the tattoo, most come off easily with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Simply moisten a cotton ball then apply to the tattoo area and rub until it wipes off clean. Another removal method is using a piece of household tape to lift the tattoo from your skin. This method may take several times to get the transfer completely off your skin.

Perfect Alternative

Temporary tattoos are a great alternative to permanent tattoos. There are many brands that are fun to wear and even look realistic. Whether you want to try a tattoo design before committing to the real deal or are looking for a fun accent for a costume, temporary tattoos and body art are great options to consider.

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