Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

Metallic temporary tattoo on arm

A hot new trend in accessories, temporary jewelry tattoos are adhesive designs in metallic hues that adhere to the skin and create a bold, fashionable statement. Styled after jewelry pieces such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, these temporary pieces offer the sparkle effect of jewelry while remaining in a fixed position and creating the illusion of being part of the skin. Non-toxic and affordable, it is no wonder that fashionistas worldwide are embracing this versatile and customized look.

Placement and Design of Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

The countless design combinations and placement options of temporary jewelry tattoos offers the wearer the creative freedom to express her individual personality and sense of style.


Temporary jewelry tattoos come in sheets that include multiple designs. While some are fashioned after necklaces or other traditional jewelry pieces, others are simply geometric shapes and patterns able to be cut, tailored, or combined with other designs to create a custom style. Besides wrap-around pieces, some temporary jewelry tattoos are individual designs such as feathers or arrows, which can be added to a more conventional piece or worn on their own. The design combinations are seemingly endless, and the countless placement options give each piece a myriad of style possibilities.



Placement of temporary jewelry tattoos is a personal style choice which depends on the wearer's preference. Although some designs are styled as specific pieces of jewelry and can be worn accordingly, differing the location on the body can create a unique and personalized look. For instance, the V shape of a necklace design may accentuate a bikini-clad belly at a day on the beach. Or, wearing a bracelet placed around the upper arm instead of the wrist when wearing a sleeveless dress can add an exotic flair.

Creating an Overall Look

Perhaps the best use of temporary jewelry tattoos is to tailor them to a specific clothing item or outfit. For instance, a plunging neckline on an evening gown could be emphasized with a long 'necklace' design, while a mile high slit in the side of a skirt may expose a hint of a metallic 'garter belt' subtly peeking out. As with any fashion accessory, less is more. Style editors at Vogue recommend pairing a few temporary jewelry tattoos with real pieces for a varied, multi-dimensional appearance. These gold and silver colored striking designs speak volumes on their own, and much of their allure comes from the use of subtle illusion.

How Temporary Jewelry Tattoos Work


Applying a temporary jewelry tattoo is a relatively simple process in which the most important consideration is an even and straight placement. When placing the tattoo onto an area which will leave you with only one hand to work with, such as wrist or upper arm, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a friend to ensure ideal application.


For optimal longevity, it is crucial to apply the piece to a freshly washed and dried area of the body, as an accumulation of the skin's natural oil may prevent the piece from adhering properly.

  1. Cut the design from the sheet and remove the clear lining, leaving the paper backing intact.
  2. Place the tattoo face down on the skin and apply gentle pressure with a wet cloth for approximately 30 seconds.
  3. Peel the paper backing off and pat the tattoo gently with the damp cloth.

While the piece is setting, usually about ten minutes, it is important to avoid twisting or stretching the skin as this will distort the image or even break the design apart. Although the first 10 minutes is the most critical, the design will continue to set over the next one to two hours. after which time it will achieve its peak appearance.


If properly applied and cared for, a temporary jewelry tattoo can last anywhere from two to five days. Although water will not harm the design, it is important to avoid its exposure to soap, oils, sunscreen or lotions of any kind.


To remove the temporary jewelry, soak the area in baby oil, coconut oil, or olive oil for one minute and gently scrub the design from the skin, repeating as necessary. Take care to moisturize the area once the design is removed to maintain ideal skin health and appearance.

Cautions and Considerations

Although temporary jewelry tattoos meet cosmetic safety guidelines and regulations, certain individuals may experience an allergy to the adhesive. You should remove the tattoo and discontinue its use if it begins to itch, becomes inflamed or causes any discomfort. Additionally, temporary jewelry tattoos should never be affixed near the sensitive eye area.

Temporary jewelry tattoos will prevent tanning of the area to which it is applied and may result in tan lines.

Cost of Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

As the popularity of these sparkly statement pieces continues to grow, so does the number and variety of available designs. Offered in 4 x 8 sheets containing multiple designs, sets of temporary jewelry tattoos may include anywhere from two to five sheets and usually retail for less than $30. This low price becomes even more cost efficient when you consider the countless placement and design combinations.

  • Lulu DK, a front runner in temporary jewelry design, offers a two-sheet set of its Golden Tattoo Collection for $28 with an expected longevity of four to six days per design.
  • Amazon offers temporary jewelry tattoos from a variety of designers such as American ProTattoo who sells six sheets of designs for around $12.

Temporary Jewelry Tattoos: A Lasting Trend

These alluring metallic designs have elevated temporary tattoos to a more sophisticated and fashionable level while adding a new dimension to accessorizing. Affordable, versatile and chic; jewelry tattoos are temporary, but their place in the fashion world may be long lived.

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